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Post Your Favorite Song - Yamaha - 23.08.2016

Yoooooooo Boys and Girls lets start spam with songs post your favorite song Thumbsup

I Start with this song


- IveMESTAR - 23.08.2016


- UncleSam87 - 23.08.2016

Great choice Post. Thumbup Another song of this band is also very good. I hope everyone knows her. For me, just classic.

[Image: Acdc_Highway_to_Hell.JPG]

I also have a weakness for this song.

[Image: dont-stop.gif]

The next song, which is like a part of me. Cool
[Image: cover.jpg]

So many songs I know that it's hard to choose the best. I guess I'm getting old.
P. S. Song of Ive and Yamaha will not work for me. As anyone knows why???

- Yamaha - 24.08.2016

If I understood correctly, why not show the video as me
the problem is in the link must remove the S from addresses

From this https:// to http:// simply remove letter S


- IveMESTAR - 24.08.2016

@yamaha: nope
on other forums that removing "s" works, here i don't know how to put video Sad

- Yamaha - 26.08.2016

for here use insert video button or write whis [video] put link remove S [/video] Thumbup

[video] [/video]

- IveMESTAR - 26.08.2016

dude there is still no video attached, i can only see black screen with topic "video" for link to youtube

- PostaR94 - 27.08.2016

copy and paste the link to [video] section. Instead of [video] paste the link of your video, that's how i uploaded it. try it

- Yamaha - 27.08.2016

bro i see your video with Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence is all right if you dont see maybe u need some adobe flash codec or plugin like Postman say copy, paste, remove S Thumbup


- IveMESTAR - 27.08.2016

hm maybe its a codec, but i see postmans ac/dc, but yours or mine nothing Confused