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Post your suggestions - Puffy - 15.12.2014

Here you can post your suggestions about this mod

- FNRP-DANTE - 24.11.2015

Thanks for opening this topic Smile

1- you need to check about that bolt action rifles can't have scope (even if u unlock it) maybe u bug or something.
2- We need more custom Classes now we just got one and it's really hard to change it every time u need to use different gun.
3- can we add kill streak like Air strike or artillery (UAV won't make sense it's WW2 )

this is what in my mind now Cool

- captainop - 25.11.2015

I asked few players and they all think that 20min is a bit too long for map. 15min would be better.

- Puffy - 25.11.2015

ok,noted,will be adjusted tonight when i come to pc

- FNRP-DANTE - 25.11.2015

also yesterday i was playing and i unlocked a grip for shotgun but when i go to edit class it's still locked same thing happen at rank 21 i unlocked a new pistol but it's still locked in the class edit Wacko

- [SOG]3aGl3 - 25.11.2015

The scope is definetly a bug but we're after it Smile

- captainop - 25.11.2015

There is also a sound bug while using shotgun. Reload and click sound can be heard all the time.

- Lefti - 26.11.2015

i know this bug with the shotgun. And i know the other bugs.

Next time i will fixed some bugs, like the custom classes and some other bugs, but in the past i had no so many time for it.

My kids need many many time from me Smile

- Luk - 26.11.2015

The "Options" menu is missing when being spectator in the ESC menu. I wasn't able to mute the game while being spectator.

- IveMESTAR - 26.11.2015

i must admit something
i play on modded servers (mw2 and bo2 mods, new maps mw2 and bo2-3) almost 4 years now, and on them everything is tried to be perfect... (weapons, classes, ks,...)
this mod is so full of bugs and just opposite of perfect
that's why I LOVE IT Love Love Love