How to record a player
Hello Dear Administrator.
As you already know, when you ban a player you will have to record a demo of him and then report him in the forum into Reported Players section. After reporting him, we will watch the demo and we will tell you if the report was valid.

[box=yellow]How to record[/box]

While spectator you need to spectate the player that you suspect of hacking. While doing so, you must enter in console /record <playername>. After you finish the demo, enter in console /stoprecord and the record will automatically stop. In order to post it in here, you must find it first. Go to your Call of Duty 4 folder, search for game's data, go to profiles and then to demos. Then you find the demo you have been looking for.

[box=yellow]How to upload[/box]

After finding the demo, you will have to make it a .zip or .rar file in order to upload the file here. Otherwise you will not be able to upload it. Once made .zip/.rar, go to Attachments (when already making a thread) and then choose your file. Wait for a while and then you will have uploaded the demo.

[box=yellow]What to post when reporting[/box]

In order for us to be easier to ban the player (if not already banned) you must enter these below:

Player name:

Time of occurance:


Thank you for your time and welcome to the team!
The Administration.

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