Missing you all
Hello to everyone! Long time since i last visited you guys! Hope all of you are good. I miss you guys very much.
How is everyone?
Game is still running i see, that's nice.  Thumbsup

It says here i last visited 05.01.2018 so that's a while. Need to say i did not play CoD since.
I got married, got a beautiful healthy baby girl who's now almost a year and a half old. Bought a house for us, and we are now a small happy family  Love
So there's no more time for me to play games, but hopefully some day when my daughter get's a bit older i'll play with her again.

Never finished my map i was working on before i quit, not even sure how it was called anymore, but i have it saved somewhere so maybe one day it will be finished.

You guys were like my family before, it was always nice chatting with every one of you.
Gtg now, wife want's some sugar  Thumbsup
I'll try to come every once in a while to see how you all are!
Cheers!  Respect
Hi bro, same for me long time no visit the forum but still coming back to my rootsSmile quite happy to see the survivors are still here old basta..... u never get tiredSmile.
Nice too see you
TrikX nice to see you and thanks for sharing those amazing news with us. Im really happy to hear that.....and you know how is said here:"Family comes first " im really happy that you enjoy in new life with your wife and kid. We all allways here,you are never alone.
And Hello Rom it is allways a pleasure to see you buddy, long time no hear but we are never lost. Guys it is pure privilage to see you both here

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