I need help
Sorry but i do not know where to ask for help..

I have a problem with a RoZo server.. I had a profile lvl 61 (more or less) and for a problem with my pc, my game was been reset.
From about a few days i decided to start again from the beginning but an hour ago (lvl 25), i reboot the pc and when i play cod4 i see
"an error occurred while reading the stats data. yours stats have been reset".

Now what can i do to get my old account?
Hello Noizek,

Do you have your old account folder? you will need it to restore your settings regarding the game itself.

As for the online gaming you can ask admins to restore your rank/lvl, but you will need proof of it like a screenshot or someone trusted who can backup your claim.

Changing serials will do what you are describing, also make sure you running the game as administrator.

Hope this helps Wink
Unfortunately i don't have the old account folder, i lost it Unsure

I don't know if someone remember me, if you why, you can ask to active players if they remember me.. im so sorry Unsure
I'll see what I can do Smile
Thank you so much Squint

edit: i do not write previously: i do not require essentially to get back my old account (lvl 61) and not even the other (25) but i was hoping in a check of the database or a recent "lobby" log. (if they exit!)

What's the ip for the server you are playing on?
The ip are:

Ok buddy it seems you were playing on a different server Smile

Here is the forum or website of the server owners.


They are the ones who can help you as it's their server not ours. So you will have to post your request there and they should be able to help you with it, or you can try the official R.O.T.U. here and have super time Wink
Oh god sorry for the inconvenience Pinch
Thank you for the support and can i have a ip for this server? so i add it in the favorite! Thumbup
No problem Noizek, glad I could help Smile

Here is the ip for our server

and this is the address on game tracker


Feel free to drop in anytime Wink

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