Hello, I have a question
I would like to understand why, I got banned from the FNRP Double xp Rotu? And now that I started playing Rotu Revolution I was blocked. I like this game and it's been a while since I played the FNRP. Do you accept me? Smile
We cannot help you with your ban on the FNRP server. We are not the FNRP Community and don't share a common banlist. You will have to appeal your ban on their website.

However, concerning your ban on our server, the admin/assistant in charge will most likely reply to this topic.
This message appears.

Player kicked:
Reason for this kick:
The admin has no reason given.
What is your ingame name? If you got kicked from our server then we can see for the reason, but if you got Ban on FNRP server we cant help you because it is not our server, for this you should ask adnins on FNRP page
Hi Matador,

I am Slayer the admin who banned you. Why? because you used fire assist and although I warned you it was not allowed you used it again and ignored my warning. Your use of fire assist was recorded here it is.

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clear macro or script (or maybe A4 tech mouse)
gj Thumbup
My name in the game is matator03

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