Reporting bugs, glitches and errors
Here you can report bugs, glitches or errors that happend on server so we can fix them.
I'll go right ahead and list what I'm currently aware of:

- There is no display for the remaining time on powerups
- There is a bug related to "switching Teams"
- Closing the "Skills" menu will not open anything, you have to press Esc again
- Equipment Keys are invisible when out of ammo
- Models of zombies aren't optimized, this will lead to FPS drops and flickering things, especially on weaker systems
- You might get stuck right after connecting, as a hotfix simply type "disconnect" to the console then try again
Well i got some bug on rozo. I played alone, died and when next map ws loaded i cannot enter menu (esc didnt work).
I found that simple console /reconnect order fix that.... just for info Tongue
I've been having a pretty good time on the RoZO server. looking forward to the play smoothing out as the bugs are elliminated. I had some trouble reloading ammo on the Dead night map. lost the weapon and could not upreade. 1st time that's happened.

Other wise, big fun, thanks for all the effort.

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