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here you can report any bug or error that appears while playing RotU-Revolution on our Testserver.

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[box=black]Known Bugs[/box]
  • The armored mesh overlay dublicates itself, causing it to be visible while being down and preventing Upgrade point progress or progress bars to be displayed properly
  • When going down while holding an object, the object can get stuck on you
  • The spawnqueue spawner sometimes does not spawn players during a wave
  • Sometimes the server freezes one or more times for 2.5 seconds, causing games to crash or players to lag out
  • Spree text in the iprintln-area will not always return the valid text for a spree value (Triplekill with 4 Kills)
  • Sometimes a player who switches to Spectator is still alive on the battlefield, but has no name above himself and is not being targeted by zombies
To be extended...
[box=black]Bugs that are not bugs and/or can't/won't be fixed[/box]
  • Zombies looking weird when spawning
  • Ammobox or Medkit icon BELOW the player icons on the minimap
  • Music (mp3) not playing on Mac [srsly, get a Windows PC to play games, the Mac version of CoD4 is utter shit]
  • My weapon flickers during waves [caused by high poly count of the zombies]
Idk if its a bug or not but when you get infected..sometimes you dont turn into a zombie.. It just keeps getting you down and down..its like you are infected for the whole game but you can get rid of by buying cure.. Classified I think saw it when it was happening xD.. Rocking Rocking
I think that happen when u have been revive several times and u didn't buy cure
Hello guy, how r u? Please look the attachments.
Why happens this? is a error of the system or someone changes this?
See ya soon and take care!!!

Quote:Build 56 17:19 24.10.2013

Enabled debugging Mode
- You will not earn any XP due to the limitation of the engine (As soon as you enable the debugging mode for scripts, XP gains are not working anymore)
- The debugging Mode displays the position of an infinite loop and enables fixing it

I don't know if it is a bug but if you join half way through the game and quickly upgrade your gun as much as you can you get the ray gun as well unless you start with it for being so far into the game


Confirmed on a game with triper and romdrtab spectating i joined at round 11 went and upgraded as fast as i could and it changed my weapon to the ray gun i still had my upgraded weapon aswell

Edit 2:
When Everyone is downed and the buy back option is available after the timer runs out whether you have payed or not the screen stays blurred and you may or may not be able too walk but this is however all that is possible the round doesn't restart and you cant aim or shoot once you leave and join back you are welcomed by the players page with no option to enter the game all you can do is talk this happens until someone reset the game/server. This is happening alot since early this morning (14/11/2013) I have posted a Screenshot of the players page that you get stuck on as you can see the game is still running with the level at the bottom but no-one can join into it
[Image: 129104013-3.jpg]

Edit 3.

Too do with ray gun glitch Once you get the P90/9000 points gun if you save up to 27500 and upgrade twice fast you get the raygun aswell
[spoiler=Raygun bug][video=Raygun bug]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHt68jycsgA[/video][/spoiler]
Ok another one that i just found by mistake is about the Mini Gun i was Engineer i bought a Mini Gun finish all the bullets and then i change class to Soldier and discover that i still had my Mini Gun and charged full ammo
Time: 19:49 15/11/2013

Map: Pyramid

What i expected to happen: Spawning zombies to come from the doorways provided

What happened instead: The pyramids at East, South and West they emerged from the side of the pyramids

Possibly caused by the mapper setting bad waypoints. Can't fix that :/
This is ineed a fault of the mapper,
On the nacht der untdoten (dont know its name) it happens on the spawnpoint at the other end of the tunnel

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