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There is a certain kind of "CRASH" that is NOT an Rotu Bug , always make sure your Power Settings - Drive shutdown - value is over 60 minutes , otherwise your HD might shutdown midgame and the game will crash the next time it tries to get data from the drive. THANKS FOR READING.
Thanks for the info! But try toning down the font size a little, maybe use the color orange (not red!) to highlight important stuff, that usually is enough Smile
The server is a bit laggy in the last days , but i noticed:

Zombie Modes dissapear when killed , instead of dying animation. Only seen during one match , just a temporary glitch, but reminds me of the strict borders this mod is developed in .
Just want to show you this empty space!
[Image: 78ef0cf076b042f7b812c2ee0794ca1f.png]
We were just playing on Zombiedesert map, and 2 things happened.
1 - On Phoenix, when we just needed to start playing again, suddenly the map finished like we are all dead.
2- After that, vote list has just gone crazy, you could cycle the maps but only Plaza stayed up there.

[Image: 3e63ea9bf04d463d80c56d8fc024913f.png]
we already know that bug. don't die when there are few zombies left and it should be fine but sometimes the bug doesn't occur thankfully even if remaining zombies are killed by using the phoenix. it pisses me off Tongue
alright guys, NWA Forest V2 map is a huge bugfest in first place; zombies get stuck just like that and stuff but listen to this -

First - i picked soldier and swapped m1911 for L85 and when i switched back to g3 it had 130 rounds just L85 but the problem is that g3 is 7.62x51mm and L85 is 5.56x45mm caliber !

Second - i emptied both guns and bought m16a3 and L85s ammo was magicly replenished!

I swear to God it happened right now but i forgot to record or screenshot it. if you want, i will take the evidence next time
P.S. i think this map is cursed xD
Hay guys and Girls

i have been running a Rotu server for around 6 months now seems to be working okays. however i have an issue.

I have at random points, turrets getting stuck to players.. i mean they can still run and show, however this is major issue for visibility .

if the players goes to change Class or leave the game.. the server spits the dummy and reboots to the default map. which is a pain as we run a 20 round server and it always seems to be the higher rounds it crashes on.

which makes players go well im not playing on that server its buggy. has anyone else had this issue? how did you over game it.

What steps should i take.

I believe the random reboot issue people were having in the past is linked to this turret stuck bug!
Thankyou in advanced.

should i make the move to Cod4x.1.8 to solve this issue? now that we know how to stop the issue with it kicking players?
or should i look into dropping the rounds down to 15 and increasing the spawn rate and difficulty.

Cheers and thanks in advance
Hey willi253, thanks for that report.

We've known that turret issue for a while now and haven't come up with a solution. In our current version we've tried to implement other ways to prevent this from happening, but it hasn't been resolved. It is the rarity that makes this bug really hard to resolve.

Currently I'm not sure which solution to recommend, but you can try reducing the amount of rounds you play. Please keep us updated if that resolves the issue. Also keep an eye out for us if this problem occurs when the player or the server is having ping/lag spikes. Packetloss might be another reason for this to happen (a kind of desync).

This isnt a bug but more of an oversight. I havent tried this on any other servers you own, but am going to assume they will be the same. When using */devmap "mapname"* in this case mp_surv_verrueckt I was able to use cheats. Of course I went through the whole "seta thereisacow 1337" and after that I typed in a cheat it said they werent enabled on the server. So I went through the devmap as said and then I was able to use console commands. This happened 06/02/2019 at 7am or so. This is for alpha7 server.

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