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Not a very big bug but the kill feed says triple-kill for 4 kills instead of quad-kill
That's known, let me just quickly add that to the known bugs. It's a timing problem.
Is this supposed to be there those boxes just apear clipping from the ground in hell zombie wave
Map Secret Base
[Image: 129159517-4.jpg]
[Image: 129159516-4.jpg]
I am sure it is not spposed to do that.
And by the way in Soccer map Ante was having the Turret bug stuck on him
Map Wakamoto is not spawning zombies... in some point of the wave zombies just stop to spawn
Okay, removed it from the maplist.
So the soldier class has the blue blinking health indicator when reviving teammates but he is not protected during the proces ....
ok i have discover one more bug...on map bridge there was 2 player and one in spec, we defeat boss on wave 14 and then finale starts with only i think 2 zombies...and we kill them in a sec...o and in the midlle of the game i was disconnected but i reconnect after 10 sec,there was another me in game but it was gone sec after i entered the map, and i still have everything, didnt play from start

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