Bug Reports & Bug Collection
Thanks for the report, ToeHead.

But starting a map using "devmap" enables cheats by default (it starts a map in developer mode). This is no oversight.
The redirect is not working. Trying to download maps straight from your usermaps folder which will take forever. No redirect address setup.

Noticed that today and yesterday. If you have posted already sorry i did not see. Hopefully all will be ok soon :-)
Huh? That sounds odd.

I'll have a look if it works on my side...

EDIT: It just downloaded mp_surv_village for me with absolutely no problems. Please check your usermaps folder and try to delete maps that you are having trouble with.
All ok my side. When I went to download maps you had no redirect address coming up. It was like that for 2 days at least.

Today (Saturday) it is back again so all good.

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