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This is how the finale works:
Wait until there are <= 2 + (0 to 4) zombies alive, then notify the burst spawner to spawn new zombies.
I guess I'll have to add a time limit as a secondary condition to be able to skip the test.

EDIT: Done.

Before | After

EDIT2: I've also seen people have weapons that are not for their class. Can somebody look if there is a way to keep your class and get the weapons of a different class? (Respawning/Switching to another class)
That for classes, it knows to happend if player go to spec and choose another class, it dosen't happend everytime.
EDIT: About the class Armored,apparently weapon for 15000 have more bullets than final weapon and there is still a bug with how final wave ends, still the same thing like we write
About the armored thing:

Quote:set surv_armored_unlockprimary6 rpd_reflex_mp
set surv_armored_unlockprimary7 saw_mp


I don't see a problem?!
i apologize then, it looks i somewhat confuse weapons then,sorry Embarrassed
More info about the class bug:
I have tested it and I came to the following conclusion:
When you select a class during the game (say you spawned as a engineer), and you change your class DURING the game (lets say scout), you change class when you die.(upon revival)
However the class change is only limited to the icon in the score board. in all other things you remain the class you were when you joined. (so you are a scout with the perks and special and the looks of a engineer and the choose class menu still see's you as a engineer, only in the scoreboard you will have a scout icon instead of a engineer icon)

EDIT: Not sure if already known but the final wave bug is still in there
To be honest, I don't know what might be the cause for the final wave bug. It looks like as if the function that watches over the wave progress is not firing a "wave_finished" properly.

Is this happening in 10/10 final waves or do some of them end properly?

I'm planning on releasing RotU-R 0.4 (basically the current test version, just upgraded to 0.4 for servername-length's-sake) in the next days since I won't have time for it starting from next week.
This is more like a question, but i didn't see this problem on some other servers so maybe it's some bug!
When downloading the mod/map from the ROTU server, and while i'm downloading the map changes, it stops my download and gives me a message "server disconnected". Then i have to download that file over again!
With my slow internet connection this is a bit of a problem, when for example you have 80 mb file, and i download 50-60 mb, the players loose the round and map changes, i have to go over again, and so on!
Most of the times i must look at how many players are on the server to make sure they will finish the map so i have time to download a file.
It would be great if you could fix this! Thank you! Smile
What might fix it is to put the maps in the download database
There is no way to prevent this. In order to change the map, the RotU server has to shut itself down and boot up with a different map, which kicks players who are currently downloading.
ok, thank you! Wink

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