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TrikX you can download RotU files also from here http://puffyforum.com/index.php?page=DownloadDB
Outdated files here on web! Just tried to download them again from server, and i can't download 2D.iwd (has over 80 mb) cause they are only 2 players on the server and they keep losing the rounds, makes me crazy! Dash
Every time i download about 20 mb and i get "server disconnected" :angry:
The files that are linked here do have the EXACT same link as those that you download when connecting to the server.
I'm downloading them now again, so i hope it will work this time! Smile
I'm not entierly sure if this's a bug or not.. It might also be on my part

What I do is just loading a map using the console (In game)
/map mp_fnrp_futurama_v3 +gamemode_surv

And when I do that, it loads. Kinda, On the top of the loading screen it doesn't say "SURV" or "ROTU-R", etc, etc.

I get into the game, can't move, no zombies, no music, nothing.

But the weirdest part is well, look at pic below

[spoiler=pic][Image: ztoKBhe.jpg][/spoiler]

First of all, It seems like the game is trying to disconect me from the game but can't because I am the host. Secoundly, it also says:
You have not set LOGFILE_2 in your Serverconfig
logfile_2 is invlid, value: 3

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here, do I need to open the game like when hosting a server and connect from there?
Well, what about opening and reading the README first?
I did. But I didn't find the answer.
You need a command line. And the configs. And execute the general.cfg via the command line.
I found a bug on map Futurama_v3..... when a player has spawned, he doesn't have weapons, cant move.....

What server?

EDIT: Someone reported that zombiefied players are not killable in an earlier version of 0.4.2. Is that fixed by the final release of 0.4.2?

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