Reporting a bug
Guys there are some serious bug's on ROTU mod!
From wave #4 to wave #15 some zombie's (not all) just teleport to a player instantly as they spawn!
I's quite annoying and most of the time they just kill us all! Cursing
Also it happend one time on wave #15 that zombies suddenly became invisible, so they were just attacking us but we could not see them, and if we shoot and kill, then that killed zombie is visible again!
Also some "ERROR" keeps popping up on screen every once in a while!

Just wanted to point you to that! Wink
Moved the topic to the RotU-R forum since it's about the mod.

Invisible bug: Does your gun turn invisible, too? If yes, this is a problem with too many models being visible for the player.

Is it possible the ERROR pops up only in the grouped wave?
No, the gun is visible! But that also happened's sometimes and it doesn't last long! (the gun i mean)
Only the zombie's turn invisible, everything else if fine!
I'm not sure on what wave the ERROR pops out, but i think that has to do something with points or money, not sure!
I think it was on grouped zombie wave 11

[Image: 129599076-4.jpg]
Tell me if it's fixed in .
And another one bug barrel
And then turret was also stuck on him

[Image: 129601436-4.jpg]

[Image: 129601437-4.jpg]
Barrel bug: Noted
ERROR-bug in grouped wave: Fixed?
[Image: Q69Mcy2.png]

I had that problem also, the barrel and turret got stuck to me and i could not drop them anywhere!
And i didn't see ERROR bug today, so i guess it's fixed!

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