[Case solved] RotU-Revolution false claim
It has come to my attention that http://modszombies.com is planning on releasing "RotU-Revolution" while using our logo.

Please be aware that only the RotU-Revolution on this website is the ORIGINAL.

People are free to modify the code and images to their liking, but modszombies does nothing to prevent confusion and even steals the main logo, RomaniaDrTab worked hard on.

Forum post about that matter: http://forum.modszombies.com/thread-117.html

fabio has apologized and removed the assets that are identifying our mod here. Thanks for his honesty and his immediate reaction.
we are there on his forum i just wait to see his reaction Smile at all the posts
By the way i think he delete what we post there and also the account that i made and also he is aware of us and change some things
So we had some impact
I sent you a PM ...
I think is better just to tell the people on your forum that this is not your Mod and you should rename it with your own specifications details and images because what you have there is nothing close to what Luk Develop and also give credits to the ones who deserve
As i already told you...
The mod is compeltely different.
Nothing is copied from your mod.

It was jsut the logo!

My mod is cod COD 1 not for COD 4. I did not even port any models, images or sounds.
In this case i think problem is solved you just copy the name and the logo well ... i will let others post their opinions Smile Wizard i think we solve the problem
Yea indeed!
Just the name and the logo. Thats all - Nothing more.

I'm sorry and i removed it.

If there are more problems please let me know.
Thank you for your honesty and your apology is accepted. Hope your mod will be great! Smile
Thank you Fabio for quickly responding and to solving the problem...and a bit sorry for posting (spamming),and like Luk said ... hope your mod will be great Wink

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