Mod Team Germany
Hello everyone,
I know it's not the very finest thing that your second post is an advertisement but I was invited to do so and it's also a good place to tell you a little bit about our group.

- The Mod Team Germany (MTG) -

The MTG was created around Jan. 2013 by Lefti and me. We had meet just a bit ago and we both felt like working over a longer time together on COD4 mods would require a little more.
As we are both from Germany we named our group "Mod Team Germany", however by now we also count two modders that are not from Germany.
Also another modder from Germany joined us shortly after so we count five people today. We made it our goal to create the best COD4 mods we possibly can (You know, the limits of COD4 are probably our biggest burden), which people will love playing.

- Our Website -
We created a website ( to keep people updated on our work but also to create a place where dedicated modders like us can meet.
Currently this website isn't much more but a forum, that is sadly pretty empty, but for the future we have a big section planned for the RoZO mod, showing individual player statistics, a server list and much, much more.

- Our Server -
We also created a few game and a TS3 server, so people can test the mods we create, if you are interested to check one out feel free to do so.
[Image: url%5D]
[Image: url%5D]
(If the WAW server gets missing, blame GameTracker, they still think we are so dumb to register a WAW server on COD4)

- Our Mods -
Last but not least let me tell you a little about the mods we created.
The one that's probably best known is RoZO, short for Return of Zombie Ops, it was usually created because Rotu was dead by the time and the source of it wasn't yet released. It is a zombie mod, much like Rotu, however it was designed to work on normal MP maps with the goal to create a challenging experience. Recently we have started to work on it again, the latest version (0.6) is meant to have a master server to save players progress, skilltrees, a lot of new weapons and of course a variety of zombie gamemodes. If you decide to check the current alpha server out you'll however not find very much of that yet.

Lefti has also created a WAW mod for COD4, as RoZO it's still in development, however it's close to it's release. This mod aims to bring the WW2 feeling to COD4, for everyone who doesn't want to get the dead, original COD:World at War. From the weapons, over playermodels to menus and font, Lefti tried to get as close to the original WAW as possible.

Usually created by me for a friend of mine, CO, short for Combined Operations, was much liked during the Beta on our server. However one of the Raid admins decided it's a good idea to blackmail us for the animations, he wanted to release all scripts, so I stopped developing this mod for the time being. It's a modified PeZBOTs mod with a lot of new weapons, you can still find the first version on ModDB.

And on request we also created Sniper Warfare, this mod was requested to be a sniper only mod, however the clan seemed to have lost interest and we stopped development of it.

That's all I have to say so far, I hope to see some of you on one of our server sometime. If there are any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer Smile

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