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Hello, my name is FoNiX. and i am a co-leader at cod4-server.de with ThronPatty.

We are a Cod4 Community with many servers, constantly updating them. These can be viewed on our website -> http://www.cod4-server.de
Our servers are a mix of ranked hardcore tdm,ffa, softcore tdm, promod nuketown and promod sd, with new servers coming out soon.

We have many admins, with our ranking system going -> GameServer Admin (Admin on specific servers) ->Super GameServer Admin (Admin on all servers), and Trusted.
We are currently looking for admins on all our servers.

NB->Admins from Luk Servers will get their admin if they contact us @ ts.cod4-server.de

Hey guys,

i dont know if some people of you can remember me from lukservers. But yes here i am. I just want to say that i reopened the RotU server. And i will give all players their rank back which you had in this time.

I would be very glad if you will check out the server: - http://cod4-server.info/?page=serverprof...port=28969

Thank you for your time

ThronPatty - C4S
Hi and welcome back but you will be amazed soon Smile
Thanks for sharing your srv with us
It is great indeed,
And in time you might be amazed about something.
Merged the posts to the already existing cod4-server topic.

Btw. there is already a v3 of futurama Tongue

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