Became a Partnership
Your real life name:
Sándor Fodor

Your xFire name:

Your in-game nickname:

Your native country:

Your age and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
24, 14.06.1990

Did you apply in the past 4 weeks:

How much time can you spend online daily:
1-2 hours, the forum only

How did you find us:
That's joke Smile

Have you ever been an admin before (if yes where and for how long):
Yes, my server, 1.5 years.

I loving to help people, i'm read the forum every day and help if i have the solution Smile
I have a lot of experience of Linux based systems, gameservers,
webservers, etc .. I'm using Linux based system 13 years. I host a
mirror for our site, because I love this mod Smile And any people has some question I search the solution and helping always Smile


EDIT: I'm installed your banner to my site here:
I haven't got a banner so not problem Smile
Application declined.

Sorry, but you used the assistant application for your partner application and we can hardly understand your English. You may apply again 4 weeks after this reply.

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