uG|clan vs Puffy Community , TDM
After taking premission from puffy , as you guys accepted , we will bury you in our server >Biggrin

lol ok whatever , the rules is known , we command our members with rules also , dont bellive ?
you guys can join our ts3 server so you can voice chat free Smile we made a special channel for you ,puffy will give you guys the password , we have 100 seats so it will fit our clan + yours

the match will be on thursday 9 PM UTC +3 , to view the time now there show the link Click Here
we want lorena , postman , rom , puffy , luk to join Please , we made this match for these 5 special people .

CHEEERS ! see ya there
Aw damn, I'll be at school so I can't spectate xD

Why did you have to host the match on a Thursday, of all days? Tongue
Haha Thursday night is the best timiing . U have nothing to do on Friday
Ah, I read that incorrectly... thought it said 9 AM Tongue Nonetheless, I'll have school the next day so I have to be doing work as I'm going to bed earlier - been losing a lot of sleep as it is due to stress Sad
First i would like to thank uG clan for hosting server and making this event possible, we had lots of fun and laughs,we didnt win but we fight as lions till the end,and i hope we will have a chance to play again together,but this time you will be our guests on MW2:Open warfare server.
And second i would like to thank Staff and Admins for accepting the invitation and showing there in such big number,and also making this possible.....we had great fun there Thumbsup
Haha , It was Amazing , Thank you All Smile
hahahaha yes guys was amazing match all had fun and sure puffy we will play together soon
and still waiting to watch the demo of that match Tongue hahahahha
thank you guys
I would also like to see it,but who recorded demo?

It is probably a bit wonky but it should show part of that map xD
also, I might have a demo of a small part of the match, ill upload it here tomorrow

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