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stalker, as many of you already known I'm not really active on server, but you can feel free to add me on steam (if you didn't already xD) and call me whenever you need my help, if I'm at home I'll gladly help Wink
@Stalker, which maps do you mean, then we replace this maps and say us which maps we can added, but the maps must looks like waw maps.
@Lefti too big are normandy and the other map that has the v2 rocket launching ability...dont remember the name of that map tough...but the replacing them part would be hard to get a straight answer from me...i know practically nothing about maps...its the 1st ww2 style mod that i have played the idea of replacing them was also a calling out to maybe u have some other maps in stock...but if no, then at first would probably help if u just removed them and replaced them sometime later when u have discovered suitable maps...well just an idea tough xD
shipment3 and modern rust are small and action paced, but ages in front of waw maps Confused
i replaced next time the bigger maps and try to put other maps they look likes waw style.

Banana Banana

Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin
Trainer, this maps are for CoD World at War not for CoD 4 Wink

our World at War is a mod for CoD 4
hello, please if you can add more maps on cod WaW server. thank you

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