Which OS do you have?
[EGY]SLAYER,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=9957#post9957 Wrote:Does anyone here uses mac os?
I am using one and there is no music when I play Sad , I can only hear the shooting and sfx. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? Confused
Did you check all settings?
A known problem. CoD4 on Mac OS sucks, there is no fix.
Yeah I did, I know that cod4 doesn't work well on mac but this is sound files like sfx. How come I have all the sounds working but not the background music!
SFX are in .wav format, the songs are all in .mp3.
win7, and it's ok, but still i miss XP the BEST ever
win8, win10,...., only when they stop support win7 like XP, because win7 is the first (and for now the last) after xp with it's stability
I run Win 7 on one of my Laptops, on the other one I run Win 8.1 and no matter what anyone says...it's POOP, I can't wait until W10 come out fully to upgrade.
On my PC I run Win 10, runs pretty smooth already considering it's a preview.

Also for anyone who runs Win XP, that is a NONO. There are no more security patches and thus the system is vulnerable to all known bugs.
If you still run Win XP you shouldn't go to the Internet with it.
@3aGl3 - that's right, that is why i upgrade to win7
The only reason I use win8.1 is, is because I have a touchscreen on it
that is true, win8.1 is awesome for touch screen, and also i agree about XP but for low end PC's (like my notebook) its just perfect
Win 7..what bothers me free update from 8.1(full of bugs) to 10...hmmm, something fishy there Blink Microsoft NEVER give somethin free..idk..

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