Which OS do you have?
They're changing their strategy. It's also not completely free as you need a 100% legit Win7/8.1 key to upgrade. I guess they'll earn their money via apps and stuff like that. Even Windows is shifting towards microtransactions.
On my main rig im running Windows 10 Tech Preview, and on my laptop im running windows 8.1
Also running Win10 tech preview at work.

I believe that windows 10 is a free upgrade for 1 year. After this year, youll have to pay for a full license. This is what they've said from the beginning.

Oh, and im i the only one NOT using apps from the windows app store anyway?
Yeah 1 year free...

[Image: c25b205d00492ffe32feb01f3d1a7d2f.png]
That is partly true, you have one year to install the upgrade for free but it's meant to stay free after that.
It was also in discussion to make it free for private users overall.
For as to why, Luk already said; even Microsoft is going a route, similar to Apple and Android, giving away the OS for free and making money with Shop transactions, furthermore Microsoft has the business sector which will ensure income. Server OS are expensive and will stay that way.

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