I cant Download in C folder
Hi guys recently i cant download anything in my C folder demos, even if i record somebody in game the demo is not saving, maybe u guys have a solution

[Image: aa97d4e9385d90ea1f723786e224040a.png]
Well first of all check if you are logged in your pc as Administrator, if you are than check permissions for that folder, for some reason you dont have permissions to change anything in that folder.
try this (loooong time ago.... once i had similar problem on another pc)right click on c drive
full control put for administrator

if that helps....
how the hell you change that by accident?
I try but the first one there is like this

[Image: bae6d98ac12bf9b95073ea9fff920602.png]
Hmmm first try starting cod4 as administrator, like this
right click on iw3mp.exe and run as administrator
if t doesn't help (dont allow to record demos), than try following:

Are you entering in win as administrator, if not try to enter as administrator, if you can't than...

1. right click on local disk that you are trying to save the file, C:, right click, then properties.
2. Click on the Security.
3. Click on the Administrators
4. Click Edit
5. Click Administrators again
6. The permission already allow full control (if they are checked), check deny, then check again allow full control, then apply.
7. Some of folder will be denied to be full controlled, maybe in your case c/program files 86/call of duty 4...
8. After that, click ok, ok.
9. Right click on the folder that has been denied (c/program files 86/call of duty 4), click properties.
10. Click on Security tab.
11. If you are looged as user click on user, then click Edit...
12. Click users, then check Allow Full control, then click apply, then click ok, ok.
13. Do this to all folder that has been denied before (in your case C/program files 86/call of duty 4...).

i google it when i needed it and something like this helped (on that pc i couldn't login as administrator), try it maybe it will help you too.
I found these two threads on a forum try it it might help Smile

First one is:

Program Files is a protected directory. If it is possible you should create the working folder for the data in your user account instead.

You may also try to change permissions for the drive/directory by taking ownership.
For reference:

Second one is:

It may be because of UAC or because the game files are in use by the system. Do this:

1. Close any applications that are open
2. Click START
3. Type 'msconfig' (without quotes) and press enter
4. Click on the 'Tools' tab, find the 'Disable UAC' option, and click 'Launch'
5. Once Command Prompt informs you that UAC is disabled or that the operation was completed successfully, restart your computer

Now try to copy the files over.

Hope it helps Thumbsup
I think its a simple matter of making yourself owner of the folder (and all underlying folders) and giving owner full access.

This is easily done via the security tab. You can also google for : Taking ownership of files
Thanks for all the help guys i finally manage to record demos again by running cod4 as an administrator, for saving files into C cod4 folder i will try the rest..... but most important thing i solve it, thanks once again for the help Thumbsup Thumbsup
UAC is know to cause various problems in the Programfiles folder on C:\, this might be one of them.
One reason why I never have it on...if you turn UAC off never surf with an Administrator account (you shouldn't anyway) because programs, including viruses, can install without any prompt.

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