TCP Error
Does any of you encounter this error, or any ideas how i can fix it?
Its happening when ever i open the TCP

[Image: 1fa7b673461f68550a7c545b5c6ffb7d.png]
What are you doing before the error happens?
Not sure happen after i turn on the computer, i have some blue screen errors latelly
your pc doesn't support some programs (viruses...) like:
wallhack, aimbot, esp,...
unninstall it and that would do the trick Wink Wink Wink
I have MalwareBytes im scaning it from time to time, i think im free of viruses... the only prob is from time to time i have a blue screen error and now this happen yesterday
Edit: I have a rapid fire script, we test it some pistols with it.... but i didnt use any game application for almost 3 weeks i didnt play, and that rapid i test it i think 2 months ago (test it not use it for comparing purpose)
ive is probably just trolling you Squint

Make a picture of the bluescreen with your phone or so next time
I have this prob with the TCP from yesterday until now i didn't have it
well when does it happen when you start tcp?
sry rom, jeff is right Biggrin
Yes i have that only when i open TCP

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