Hello boys and girls !
Now I am saying goodbye from the Forum and Rotu R, because I go on holiday for 14 days!...

I will miss you !! .... Rom(Legend),Mr.Captain(I do not have words for you, the incredible good man!), Postman(always serious,),Slayer(Funny),Lorena(always Bad Girl),Classified Wink , IveMestar( hehe ) and yeaaa LEA !!! Love
(and all ) Smile

back to 05.07.2015 Tomorrow I'll probably still go zombie tusks last 12 hours in the afternoon. I'll see you guys bye bye Smile

Thumbsup Bye Rocking Drunk Drunk Fireworks

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have a good one dude
enjoy bro Banana Drunk GoingToBed
See you bro! Have fun on your holiday Drunk We'll miss your jokes Grin

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Shaark have fun man and take it easy with girlsSmile) i wish you all the best Fireworks Drunk party every day like is the last day on earth Smile))
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Have fun and don't catch something Laughing
Shaark, i'm not so serious as you might think Cool
Have a great time man and don't get drunk too much that you can't even stand Laughing
If ur going somewhere cold...then for the love of god..dont eat the yellow snowWink...turns out it has nothing to do with mangosWink...dont worry..ill keep them entertained for youWink So have fun and have a great vacation Smile
Have fun bad boy and this for you,,,for bad girl Punish
have fun dude hope to see u soon
Shaaaarky I miss u bro. Have fun dude Biggrin

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