I have a couple of questions ( Luk )
1. when it will update what came to R rotu ??
2. You can make a little change weapons ??? ... at least to make them change color weapons!
3. Oh, this is so long waiting to make at least reduce the (limited) number of turrentov per person max 2???
4. to do something about glitching that resets automatically when a player would be out of folders???

Please least some of this fix & change & anything that somewhere new!!

Thank you all for because I can expressed its proposals!


Something about your questions.

  1. Work needs to be done in order to have an update. And an update needs time as well.
  2. No need for camouflage or anything like that. Some weapons have a camo already. Adding that for style? Uhm, I don't know...
  3. Three turrets per person and ten for the whole team is just fine. More would be too many. And with more you get more points (obviously) and I believe this is the main purpose of the request. Well, lets say that the three turrets per person is not applied anymore. And the player can have as many turrets as he wants, but no more than 10, which is the team's limit. Then only one person would gather all the turrets because he has the points to buy them sooner. Completely unfair for the rest of the team. Three turrets per person gives the opportunity for other players to buy turrets as well. Easily.
  4. What do you mean in question four?
That's what I had to say.
Thanks for reading. Smile
I said no and said that 3 is too Torrents player with all of these 3 turrenti kills 500 zombie with its shooting but I do not know 200 where the you smisev play? engineer has too much priority ... and anyway is not some attractions if you kill all turrent, best would be 1 anyway turrent but in this modu think that it is not, there is a half sees the quality player

as it knows that the medic and engineer great benefits,, and men in person at enginnerju I was more like you're special advantage when you gun filled, half came this update to turrente not that it, since then little bol I use enginner class. otherwise it would need even from someone else to share their opinion and a half but some choose the best ....

Gun regarding color might be another but not all of these basic bit of imagination should be used!...

1. Work has been frozen for about 6 Months now since I'm busy sorting out my real life and being busy with all sorts of stuff. I've recently started approaching it again - and I'm a bit rusty - but we're currently doing under-the-hood changes that will help us and other people out there understand our code better.
2. Camouflage is tricky to implement for every weapon and we currently do not plan to add any kind of color. We might have some weapon changes in the pocket, but these will have to wait.
3. The amount of turrets per player and in total is changed in the config of the server. Puffy is able to do that and IIRC there has already been a change.
4. Adding anti-glitch entities (triggers) is hard and annoying work, especially if you want to do it right. It would have to be manually for every map... and that takes so much time.
With this: 2????? I didn't see the 2.. Eh, scratch the 3rd thing from me then.
ok thanks for the kind of concrete explanation .... Thumbsup

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