WaW Match
First of all, I would like to say that this mode has a huge potential. It's very well made and almost every player who comes and plays it says only good things about it. I'm trying to organize a friendly match in purpose of spreading the word about this mod. We can divide into two teams and have a fun time together. After match we will share photos and videos here on forum. I asked couple of people and they all said how friday evening works fine for them. So I was thinking that we could start the match arond 19/20h (server time) on friday. People who showed interest in this so far are:
IveMestar / Classified
Volsung / triper
Jeffskye / Kifla
Doome / UncleSam87
Shaark / DANTE
captainop / (and couple of DANTE's clan friends)

If everyone else is interested please PM me, or write it here. So, the main question is how friday evening works for all of you?
PM: @3aGl3/Lefti, is it possible to make server private just for that match so that unknown players can't join while we are playing? And, just out of curiosity, is it hard to make prestige? I was thinking about how winning team as a reward will get prestige, and only those players would have it.
Thank you all for reading. Cheers.
friday is a long way ahead but should be doable Wink
awesome idea capi Thumbsup
Heck, you can count me in,we can even join all together in teamspeak to chat and joke, cap in purposes of private matches and if needed server can be config to be private server and only who needs gets the pass.
Teamspeak is gonna be fun Biggrin
awesome capi Biggrin
btw server time is GTM+1 or wut? my time zone is GMT so i want to know the exact time xD

Teamspeak XD it would be cool, gonna get a mic to hear my satan voice Biggrin
Yep i guess that captain was thinking GMT +1 (Central Europian Time +01:00)
with thoose screenshots i want triper in my tdm team Wink
edit: that dude DANTE is kicking some ass on waw Respect
Little update. Tomorrow at 20h (GTM+1) will be the start of the match. Ofc we won't start at exactly that time, but be sure to log in to server in time. There will be one rule, custom classes cannot be used. Only default ones. Since some of us already have 20 level or higher and a lot of perks and guns unlocked, it wouldn't be fair towards players who doesn't have that. People who has confirmed their arrival so far are; IveMestar, triper, Puffy, Jeff, Kifla, Classified, Volsung, STALKER, Yahya, Shaark, DANTE, Reznov (very cool guy, plays on server from first day, every day, so I invited him), and myself. Pepe would probably show up also. If anyone else is interested feel free to join us. Now, about teams...I was thinking about it, and I made two teams who are similar in my opinion, and it would be something like New vs Old ones Smile So first team would be; Ive, triper, Puffy, Jeff, Kifla, Class; and the other one; DANTE, Shaark, Reznov, Volsung, STALKER, Yahya and me. This is only a suggestion, and I'm sure some other player would show up also, but those teams would be fun in my opinion. Also, we invite everyone to use our teamspeak channel where we can joke and have a great time (more about our t3 can be found here ( http://www.survival-and-obliteration.com...readID=244 ). Thank you all, and feel free to suggest Smile
I will be a bit later. Gotta work till 20:15.
So I'm probably home arround 20:45 or so.
After that I will come to beat you guys.

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